Survivor? Or Pioneer?


*Note: I am specifically speaking about polytheisms centered around PIE religion and the descendant IE faiths. There are other polytheisms out there, of course, but they’re both a) not nearly as commonly practiced by those identifying as “Pagan” or “polytheist”, and b) far beyond the scope of this post AND this blog. I’m also American, so writing primarily for that audience. Thanks for understanding.

My deepening study of Proto-Indo-European religion is resonating through my life in some interesting ways. I’m constantly finding new bits of info or perspectives that challenge what I thought I knew.

It was through that study that I was suddenly able to see a perspective so ingrained in modern Paganism/polytheism that I didn’t even know it was thereuntil I had an alternative for comparison.

It boils down to this: When we practice our faiths, do we see ourselves as Survivors? Or Pioneers?

The Survivors


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Fallow Times and the New Moon

Stone Spiral

Fallow times can be a strange time. Every so often Bast will step back from my life and there will be a stillness in my practice. There is always the initial “Oh crap!” and panic when I feel the disconnect, but then I settle in and know that there is a reason.

Usually she moves back so that I can work with someone else for a bit, to learn a lesson or because I need my butt kicked into gear. Every time there is something that I learn from it, and every time she comes back and our connection is solid again. Eventually, she might vanish forever, but so far we have always been reunited.

It took a few weeks for me to really realize that we were entering a fallow time. I had noticed that Freyja was poking me more often, that signs from her were appearing all over…

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Review: The Utopia of Rules, by David Graeber


Reviewed: The Utopia of Rules – On Technology, Stupidity, and the Secret Joys of Bureaucracy. (2015) Brooklyn and London: Melville House.

Reading a book about bureaucracy may not sound like an exciting way to spend a weekend off with my family. And yet, having just started David Graeber’s latest – A Utopia of Rules – when I wasn’t making tea for my elderly grandmother, I curled up in a comfy chair with this little pink book, mocked up to look like one of the forms it excoriates, and excited by each new page. Although many of the ideas Graeber presents here aren’t new, the clarity and force with which they are drawn together and set out is a rare pleasure – a contrast with turgid official paperwork that was almost certainly intentional.

Graeber – a social anthropologist, anarchist, and prominent leftist thinker, based at the London School of Economics (LSE) –…

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Binding Bad Habits (Spell Saturday #27)

This Crooked Crown

We’ve all got bad habits, right? I bite my nails when I’m nervous or idle. It’s one of those things that I hate so much and yet can’t stop myself. This spell is designed to help stop those bad habits.

This can be used on yourself or on someone else. I only caution that you make yourself aware that bad habits often have deeper root causes and binding the bad habit can lead to other negative behaviors. Just a heads up.

The beauty of this spell is that it’s knot magic! I love knot magic and it’s so easily customized to your needs. You can use this spell while making a friendship bracelet, tie a few simple knots in a piece of string, tying your shoes, or even braiding your hair. For the purposes of writing, I’m using a single piece of string but if you’re doing something else then…

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Building to the FogMoon

My cards leading up to the moon. New reading cloth too.





…….this is in three parts. …….

……….maybe I’ll get these hooked together soon?


Runes Oracle Dailydraw 25Nov2015

…….two parts


My Sigils

I don’t know what I’m (not)doing to make this be all caps?

When it becomes clear a sigil/spell is in order. I write out something about this need. I distill it to the essential actions required. Then distill it more if it’s more than two or three words. Sometimes I cut out more than one of it just doesn’t simplify. The vowels and duplicate consonants are eliminated, then arrange them to fit the folded snowflake on a piece of scrap. Sometimes I free hand it.

Exploring My Heritage, and Me

Some time ago some one said something about making a sigil for “fuck off”

For some reason cutting it out of paper seemed like the thing to do. gplus-28835526

I folded to paper to make a six pointed snowflake.gplus-783498548

As I unfolded it. gplus-2116287883

An interesting visual gplus363012742

Started to



I posted it on tumblr.

I noticed one day that tumblr removed the image because it broke their rules lol.

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