My First assignment

  • Tell Me A Bit


  • What is the name you use on the school’s site?
  • How did you hear about us?
  • What 3 classes look the most interesting to you and why?
  • What classes would you like to see in the future that we currently do not offer?
  • How long have you been interested in these subjects?


1) I am Torhalla Talaksdater

2) While I was on a hiatus from my job, trying to rediscover
myself. I started a “Tumblr” account . As the Gods/Fates
would have it I found Pagan posts the most interesting. A
link to the school was posted and crossed my dash last
week. Wala, here I am.

3) Norse Goddesses

Runes from the divination group

Gemstones, Metals and Crystals

4) I don’t see at this time with my lack of knowledge, that
there is class I would add.

5) 40 or so years.



So I’ve decided that part of finding myself is taking some courses at “Magic Circle School”.

Before living with an ass for five years. Starting a wonderful family after freeing myself from the ass. I was acquainting myself with my ancestors Gods/Goddesses and learning to live lightly on our island in the cosmos. I was beginning to see how poorly technological societies treated nature, and¬†thought they could make nature¬†do things their way. I didn’t want to become the super consumer that seems to be the american dream.

As a family we try not to take more than what we need from nature.

My pagan studies when I was younger were harder to pursue. The internet is so awesome.

Wish me luck with my endeavors. Peace