My First assignment

  • Tell Me A Bit


  • What is the name you use on the school’s site?
  • How did you hear about us?
  • What 3 classes look the most interesting to you and why?
  • What classes would you like to see in the future that we currently do not offer?
  • How long have you been interested in these subjects?


1) I am Torhalla Talaksdater

2) While I was on a hiatus from my job, trying to rediscover
myself. I started a “Tumblr” account . As the Gods/Fates
would have it I found Pagan posts the most interesting. A
link to the school was posted and crossed my dash last
week. Wala, here I am.

3) Norse Goddesses

Runes from the divination group

Gemstones, Metals and Crystals

4) I don’t see at this time with my lack of knowledge, that
there is class I would add.

5) 40 or so years.


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