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Merry Meet From The Intermountain West

I’m happy to meet everyone.

I started this journey after being confirmed Lutheran. While participating in confirmation classes we explored many other religious practices. I realized I had more exploring to do. I was only beginning to find my path leading towards my ancestors (Norwegian & Swedish) Gods. It was a slow process, the library was my only resource. My family and friends were all members of  mainstream religions, and not so supportive of my wanting to become pagan.

I eventually found two people who were helpful, but they too had a lack of resources. I was becoming discouraged, and let my search wane.

In the mean time I got married and had two wonderful daughters. I was laid off from my job of 11+ years at Kmart in February of 2012. It was the kick in the pants I needed, I have started a small sewing business. I haven’t done much yet, but thats okay. I have been rehired PT at Kmart, after a year hiatus. In that time I kind of went crazy on the internet.

Now 26 years later having found a plethora of pagans on the internet, and “Magical Circle School”, I am ready to jump back in with both feet. The witches I’ve found so willing to help, and the internet for research, it no longer feels as daunting as it did in the “70’s.

I am looking forward to so many of the classes here. I can hardly wait to complete “The Entrance Exam”.

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