Assignmet 2) c) Do you feel welcome? Well do you????? 
  1. You are to join each of the classes in the Welcome Center. (ALL OF THE ANSWERS TO ALL OF THE QUESTIONS IN THIS ASSIGNMENT YOU NEED TO USE THESE ROOMS TO LOCATE!)
  2. What year was The Magical School founded and who founded it?
  3. If you are on 2nd Watch what does this mean?
  4. If an online event starts at 8pm Eastern time, what is the latest you should arrive for it (please give the exact time you should arrive by)? If you do arrive later than what is expected what do you do?
  5. I would like to buy a mug with the school logo on it, where do I go and how much is it?
  6. What do I get if I purchase the Scrying with Pendulums class pack and the Small Travel Altar set?
  7. What is in the Litha 2009 Newsletter?
  8. Choose 2 music videos to watch. Go to the YouTube site and leave feedback on those.
  9. In the CookBook of Shadows add 2 recipes of your choice.
  10. In the resource library add something to 2 of the glossaries of your choice.
  11. Listen to one of the meditations and on the YouTube site leave feedback.


1) I have joined, “How to take a class, School rules, and Other important stuff”, ” The Circle”, “Cookbook of Shadows”, “Gift Shop & Book Store”, “Meditation Center”, “The Music Room”, and “The Resource Center”

2) I must have been dyslexic the day I typed this entry. Magic Circle School was founded in January of 2009 2006, by Colleen Criswell and Kristen Griffin.

3) A student is put on “Second Watch” if they have plagiarized material to complete an assignment. “Second Watch” will also be implemented if the language used in an assignment is insulting, hurtful and/or hostile. It is a fail and the assignment may not be resubmitted. Offenses committed in any other classes will be considered third and fourth transgressions.

4) For an online event that starts at 8pm Eastern time, I need to arrive no later than 5:45pm Mountain time. Should my schedule make me late, I am to quietly join with out any fanfare.

5) To purchase a mug with the “Magical Circle School” logo, you must go to the “Magical Circle Gift Shop” You may then locate drinkware, Listed there you will find two sizes of mugs,, $13.49, and, $14.49. You will also find a stein, for $16.49

6) a)The “Scrying With Pendulums” class pack includes; A pendulum, A pouch for the pendulum, an alter cloth, divination incense, an incense burner, a purple candle, and a candle holder. $35.99 sale $19.95 b) Included with the “Small Travel Alter Set” are; a box, 4 chime holders, white and red chime candles, a small bottle, a small jar, sea salt, all purpose oil, an alter cloth, and a wand. $74.99 sale $39.95

7) A new column “Kitty’s Fur-Baby Shack” is one of the many things found in the “Litha 2009 Newsletter”. You will see a new contest, “June Spell of the Month”, and the winners of the “Mint” contest. Information on several subjects; Rhiannon, Juno and Hera as well as Emeralds. Plus, craft and useful household information; cleaning with lemon, many great recipes, and much much more.

8) a) “Sister Moon”, Why haven’t I found this group before, they’re lovely sounding. I’m amazed I haven’t seen most of the artwork before, very nice.

b) “Pagan Doxology” This was short and sweet. Hymns were one of my favorite parts of the church service. The “Doxology” was sung by my family at holiday dinners instead of “Grace”, every verse.

9) a) “Desserts” chocolat?

b) “Entrees” Lasagnas, Petite

10) a) Caramelized Coffee Cake

b) I added a sigil I made for my sewing business, to the comments on “Sigil Magic Spell”
11) “Pegasus” I’ve never used meditation to do any sort of traveling. This is interesting, and I have wondered a little what it might be like to use it for more than relaxation and pain relief.


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