Assignment #3 Getting to Know me

You are to ask me at least 5 questions you would like to know about me. (If you want to ask more you are welcome to!)

Make sure that before you do this assignment you aren’t asking a question that has already been answered.

If you ask one that has already been answered you will be marked off for it.

If you do ask more than one that is already answered you will be asked to redo this assignment.

1) You mention you like to knit and do crafting. Is sewing included in your definition of crafts? What is the most fun or interesting thing you’ve sewn?

2) Okay, so you like providing the feasts for Imbolic and Yule. What is it about Samhain that makes it a favorite?

3) What is your idea of the perfect vacation?

4) The first time you were asked what you wanted to be when you grew up, when and what was it?

5) Do you like to garden? Veggies? Flowers? Herbs?


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