Controversial Post: Who is your Patron God or Goddess?

"The Lokean"

Grey Odin Well, if you feel the need to ask…

Answer: Odin and Frigga

What? You expected something else?  You thought that there was going to be some mystical meditation where you could travel down a cave or up a crystal staircase and be told by your very most favorite God/Goddess: “YES!  You! I choose you my darling little pikachu!  Come to Valhalla with me and let’s do bodyshots!”

Okay.  If you do not know who your “Patron” is, the answer is-  you do not have one. Basically, if you consider yourself Norse, aim your prayers at the All-Father and Blessed Mother and be content.   Odin is the Patron of our entire Heathen faith regardless of whether you call him Odin, Woten, Woden, or what have you. Even real Lokians are sworn to Odin first (Loki requires it) Look, I will even accept the idea of Balder if you are a post-Ragnorak…

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