Warsong: The Piety Posse

This says everything that I feel when I see/read the things that are said to/about the methods of so many of the sweet people I follow on Tumblr.

I only recently realized where my path was going. My up bringing was Lutheran, but I’ve always enjoyed going to services with my friends of other faiths. Unfortunately I’ve never searched out any but widely acknowledged beliefs. Which was stupid, because the first thing I ever said I wanted to be was a Witch.

Just like there needs to be acceptance amongst the major practices. The same goes for those that fall under the multi faceted umbrella of paganism.

Thank yo for your thoughts.

O, Mourning Star. . .

Or otherwise titled, ‘excuse the ever loving frickle frackle outta me?’

And now, ladies and gentlemen, if you will permit me. My second [promised] post of the evening. In which I may, quite possibly, be picking a fight. A great big ol’ fight. Before I begin here, let me make my position on why I’m doing this painfully clear. Or at least as clear as text on the internet with no vocal backup accouterments can get.

I am deliberately trying to make people upset with this post. Yes yes, I know that in the past I’ve expressed my disdain for ‘community drama’ filtering on over to my e-shrine. That being said, although that might be what this entry appears to be at first glance, I want it well and truly understood that I’m doing this under the provision of making people uncomfortable to get them to evaluate themselves…

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