Cleansing Yourself

This Crooked Crown

Cleansing yourself (or other people or your home) is the spiritual equivalent of “did you try turning it off?” (Meditation, of course, being the equivalent of “is it plugged in?”)

Even though it is such a common remedy for so many things, it is often one of the things people just don’t know how to do or only know one method of. This intent of this particular post is to list and describe a few common cleansing practices. For some folks, this will be basic 101 stuff and others may find revelation in this. Wherever you fall in that spectrum, hopefully this is an interesting read and it helps you some.

First, safety tips: Don’t use anything you’re allergic to. It’s very likely a quick 40 seconds google search will give you an idea whether the mixtures suggested elsewhere or even here will be harmful for you. Use common sense and…

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Much Ado About “Woo”

The Twisted Rope

Today has been an active one on Tumblr where the discussion has centered around laity and the concept of “woo” or “woo folks”. For those who don’t know what woo is referring to, I’d recommend taking a look at this post here. Please note that while some people dislike the use of the term “woo”- there is no other good viable alternative, so that is what I will be using throughout this post.

Throughout a lot of the discussion on Tumblr I noticed two large problems surfacing:

  1. That being a layperson means you’re not a “woo” person.
  2. That someone who lacks “woo” in their practice has nothing to write about or anything of interest to say.

I wanted to address both of these points in this post because I think there is some confusion occurring on some topics, an its a crying shame that people feel they’ve got nothing…

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How Do I Pagan Without Gods?

The Twisted Rope

It probably seems pretty contradictory for a polytheist to be talking about having a polytheistic practice without any main deities in it, but it’s not as confusing as it first seems. Just because our religious practices have a tenet that states that multiple deities exist in some capacity or another doesn’t mean that they necessarily have to be the focal point of your practice.

And just because you don’t have a patron deity doesn’t necessarily mean that you can’t have a viable polytheistic/pagan practice that functions well.

For this post, I’d like to discuss having a deity-free practice and what that might look like.

Why write about this?

The blog-o-sphere is filled to the gills with posts about talking with gods and working with gods and patron this and main squeeze deity that. I think that many people who don’t have focal deities are sometimes at a loss as to…

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