I was hiking from the top down into a Beautiful Red Rock Slot Canyon. The views were gorgeous. I frequently see evidence of canine activities, scat, prints or shed hair, coyote. I’ve never seen evidence of anything bigger.  In my dream I crossed paths with a pack of wolves. We all stopped and visited with each other for a time and then went our own ways. As I thought I was coming to a peaceful place to rest for a . I was disappointed though. The widening of the canyon was coming to a pool and water fall that was over run with a hoard of jerks trashing the area. In my disappointment I realized that I need to get back to where I had left my husband and tell him our favorite spot was being defiled. I flew back to where I had left him. He was as disappointed as I was when I told him of the ass holes ahead of us on the trail. We wished there was a way to do something about the jerks and their disregard for nature.  So we turned around and that was the point I woke up.   slot