How to Witchify and Clean Out Your Closet at the Same Time

This Crooked Crown

As you might imagine, I’ve been thinking about clothes. This is primarily because of my upcoming trip to New Orleans which is in, yikes less than two days. Thinking about what to bring and wear is kind of a big thing, especially since I’m going from the dawning of autumn weather here in Rhode Island to the 80s and rainy weather that’s down in New Orleans right now. Instead of packing up my summer gear, I’ve two seasons in my bag to deal with the weather.

Anyway! This has me thinking about clothes and other folks on the internet are thinking about cleaning out closets too. Over at the blog A Beautiful Mess (I love these folks!) Emma made a recent post on cleaning out her closet. And she linked to this amazing 7 questions to ask yourself when thinking of things to dump out of your closets. Now…

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Our city has lost two giants



Our city has suffered two great loses this week. Regis Groff and Henry Lowenstein have passed. Both epitomized the spirit of the Athenian Oath: to “…transmit this city not only, not less, but greater and more beautiful than it was transmitted to us.”

Regis and I served in the Colorado Senate together. But he always said that his greatest calling was as a teacher, not an elected official. He and I had that in common. We both served in the legislature and we both taught. But he had wonderful accomplishments in the Senate. He and I (along with Rep. Wilma Webb) worked hard to pass legislation creating the Martin Luther King Holiday in Colorado.   As a teacher, his life was a lesson. Regis was a wonderful man and I will miss him.

AE28THHENRY_CM02I first met Henry Lowenstein at the old Bonfils Theatre on Colfax. Helen Bonfils, of course, had been…

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