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Apotheosis: Finding Your Mythic Self

Magick From Scratch

Your mythic self is the Herakles to your mundane self’s Alcides. It is the part of you that is connected to, and passionate about, eternal things.

Seldom do most people stop to contemplate what they care about, or to decide which of the things they care about are ephemeral, and which eternal. When they do, their answer about eternal things tends to be a really short list, like “Jesus,” or “Whatever Jesus wants from me.” Or perhaps, “The gods,” or “the will of the gods.”

Only caring about what the gods care about isn’t enough. What they care about tells you who they are. You need to know who you are. The gods cannot hold onto us if we will not hold on to ourselves.Moreover, without a well-developed sense of self, it is impossible to know when you are getting in your own way, psychically speaking, difficultto know what…

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