Crows; a Harbinger, Scholar, Trickster, and a Corvus

Mind Space Apocalypse


“One Crow for sorrow,
Two Crows for mirth;
Three Crows for a wedding,
Four Crows for a birth;
Five Crows for silver,
Six Crows for gold;
Seven Crows for a secret, not to be told;
Eight Crows for heaven,
Nine Crows for hell;
And ten Crows for the devils own self.”


– The Crow is any of several large black birds belonging to the family of Passerine birds that comprise the genus Corvus, which include: Jays, Magpies, Nutcrackers, Jackdaws and Ravens. They can be found on every continent except South America and Antarctica, but some, especially those found on islands, are endangered and their habits little known. Northern-hemisphere crows are sometimes migratory, but most often they stay resident the year round.

Crows in many respects are very similar to the Raven in appearance, but are smaller and less heavily billed. Like the Ravens, Crows are among the most intelligent and…

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