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[Palindrome, written as an ambigram.]

Regular readers of PuzzleNation Blog know that I am a history buff. I love delving into the past and exploring the myriad ways that language and puzzles have evolved over the centuries. Whenever puzzles tie into a moment in history, whether it’s wartime cryptography or rumors of crossword espionage, I’m immediately hooked.

And it turns out that palindromes have been around far longer than I previously suspected.

Palindromes, as you probably know, are words, phrases, or sentences that can be read the same way backwards and forwards. From “race car” to “Madam, I’m Adam” to “Go hang a salami, I’m a lasagna hog,” palindromes are a classic example of wordplay.

One of the most famous palindromes is dated all the way back to 79 AD in Pompeii (though it has been found in other places throughout history), and is known as the Sator…

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How Swamp Does It: Cleaning & Cleansing

Silent Seance

I had this brilliant idea. I’m starting a series of posts about how I do things. My way is in no way the right or only way, it’s just how I do it. Feel free to make adjustments that fit you and your lifestyle!

The question I get most often goes something like  “I think there is a thing in my house, what do I do??” The first course of action should be to find out if there is actually something there. For some people, this can be complicated. Spirits whether benevolent or not so much can manifest in a lot of different ways which further complicates things. Their presence can be marked by cold spots, energy feeling ‘off’, the feeling of being watched, or in some cases, they can be way more intense. In many of the instances I’ve encountered, rather than it being some sort of spirit issue…

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