The War is Upon Us.

When I first started researching as a young woman the direction I felt I should go. I came across such information as you’ve mentioned here. I knew mine wasn’t a beaten path to follow and had known since I was a quite young. Seeing another’s understanding is wonderful.
Thank you

Star Candles and Sickles


For centuries those who hold power in society have been persecuting and executing our genius minds in the name of heresy and crimes against the church. Galileo, the Italian philosopher, mathematician, engineer, and astronomer figured out that the sun did not go around the planet. He was punished for revealing this scientific fact with house arrest where he continued to write about his findings. He was lucky. He was not committed to the pyre as so many others were. He was lucky. He was not female. Hypatia, in earlier days, was also these things that Galileo was and was murdered by a Christian mob accused of what most females are accused of in those days- creating conflict. I suspect there was far more to her murder than just the fact she was controversial.

Reading documents from those who fanned the witch hunts and Spanish inquisition reveals some very interesting thingsā€¦

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