My Sigils


Some time ago some one said something about making a sigil for “fuck off”

For some reason cutting it out of paper seemed like the thing to do. gplus-28835526

I folded to paper to make a six pointed snowflake.gplus-783498548

As I unfolded it. gplus-2116287883

An interesting visual gplus363012742

Started to



I posted it on tumblr.

I noticed one day that tumblr removed the image because it broke their rules lol.


One comment

  1. Reblogged this on Exploring My Heritage, and Me and commented:

    When it becomes clear a sigil/spell is in order. I write out something about this need. I distill it to the essential actions required. Then distill it more if it’s more than two or three words. Sometimes I cut out more than one of it just doesn’t simplify. The vowels and duplicate consonants are eliminated, then arrange them to fit the folded snowflake on a piece of scrap. Sometimes I free hand it.

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