Divination Tool Review: The Heart of the Faerie Oracle

I am so glad I stopped my buzzing brain to read this. #tarotwishes #taror

This Crooked Crown

The Heart of the Faerie Oracle by Brian and Wendy Froud.

Status: Currently reading with it

Best for: Everyday questions, as this deck loves attention but relationship and spirit-relation questions are favored.

Favorite decks: The Rox, The Fixer, The Dreaming

Acquired from: A gift from a follower on tumblr back in 2012.


A gift from a follower who has since left the community. This is one of my favorite decks and certainly one of the easiest to work with. This deck can be snarky, a bit dark, and have more depth and meaning than you might assume right off the bat.

While this deck was designed for relationships (not just romantic but in general) and for introspection but there’s very little that this deck won’t do for me. This deck can be mischievous, blatantly and sometimes painfully obvious, and have hidden depths that can be easily missed by…

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